02 Sep 2015

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Service for Radiation Practices

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The main functional role of a RSO is:

  • monitor radiation safety
  • report to the possession licensee about radiation safety
  • maintain awareness of the radiation safety legislation and keep abreast of the trends in radiation safety.

On-going RSO duties:

  • provide, or arrange for, training about radiation hazards and safe working practices
  • monitor the radiation safety status of the X-ray equipment and premises to identify whether the relevant radiation safety standards are being complied with (for example, compliance may be affected by damage to, or modification of, the X-ray equipment or premises)
  • maintain records of all X-ray equipment and the locations at which it is installed
  • identify ways of minimizing radiation doses
  • advise staff on safe working practices
  • investigate radiation incidents.

Additionally, the RSO must report to the possession licensee:

  • any radiation incidents
  • any contravention of this plan or relevant Radiation Safety Standard
  • any action that needs to be taken to achieve compliance with this plan or relevant.

Annual RSO duties: 

Each year, the RSO must check and record the results of the following items in an appropriate log book, and ensure that any identified problems are rectified as soon as possible:

  • Users and all other employees understand, and are complying with the Radiation Safety and Protection Plan (RSPP)
  • The Possession Licence is current and appropriate
  • The details of each X-ray unit (including its current location) are accurately recorded and match the current inventory attached to the Possession Licence
  • All users of the X-ray equipment hold Use Licences which are current and appropriate
  • All users of X-ray equipment are authorized by the possession licensee to use the X-ray equipment
  • All maintenance and operational checks, as required by this plan, are conducted within the stated time frames and recorded, and any relevant problems have been appropriately rectified
  • All repairs to the X-ray equipment processors are recorded
  • Personal protective equipment, as required by this plan, is readily available
  • Film processing solutions are suitable for the type of film in use (if applicable)
  • Compliance certificates for the X-ray equipment and premises have been obtained/renewed within the necessary time frames (three and five years respectively)
  • The effectiveness of and extent of compliance with the RSPP

Additionally, the RSO must provide an annual written report to the possession licensee. This report is to include the following:

  • The results of the annual checks stipulated in the RSPP
  • Any contravention of this plan or relevant Radiation Safety Standard
  • The results of a review of the plan to ensure its continued effectiveness against actual clinical practice
  • Recommendations about any necessary changes to the plan.

Sieverts Radiation Consultancy is able to assist all the above to ensure highest radiation safety hygiene for your practice and meeting all legal requirements under the Qld Radiation Safety Act 1999.





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