02 Sep 2015

Low dose machine requires less shielding?

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New x-ray machines in the market are now optimized to give better image quality with lower doses to patients. A common statement is that low dose would require less or no shielding to the practice.

This is a misunderstanding.

Shielding of a room is to protect those who work around the practice and not the patients. There is dose limits applied to those working in the practice.

Shielding requirements are based on the following factors:

  • Radiation output – different machines have different radiation output for a typical clinical setting.
  • Workload of the practice (per time interval) – this is the number of exposures made per week.
  • Distance to point of interest.
  • Occupancy of point of interest – different areas have different occupancy values from reception, hall ways, waiting room, surgery, toilets etc…
  •  Dose limits applied – legislated dose limits for users and public.

Therefore shielding of a wall (barrier) are calculated based on all the above factors.If you have a low dose machine per exposure, while making higher numbers of exposures per week, to a highly occupied area, then the shielding will be higher.





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