02 Sep 2015

Sieverts does more than compliance testing

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Did you know that Sieverts does much more than just compliance testing of machines and rooms?

Here is one of the value added service for you:

Patient, staff and enviromental dose assessment.

·  Do you have staff or patient concerns and questions on dose received for their treatment?

·  Do you have staff that declared pregnancy and is concerned about working in a radiation environment?


Sieverts is able to measure and interpret the results of radiation exposure your practice.
We will then be able to advice you what needs to be done to minimize dose while
optimizing your clinical service delivery. This will create a safe working environment for all your staff and clients, and addressing their concerns.


We pride ourselves in being different to others in the following manner:


  • We look out for you.

We will take the effort to look at your overall radiation profile and will let you know if you need to pay attention to certain things in order to better manage the accreditation process. As how a single part may have an impact in a wider scope of compliance, we have worked with many clinics and have the qualifications and experience to look out for the intricacies that a machine may have in the room or even the positioning of the furniture in the room.

  • We update ourselves, so you don’t have to.

Various state compliance laws keep changing and we have the connections in the industry to keep up to date with the upcoming changes.  We will inform you if such changes affect you directly and even propose what you may need to look at ahead of time, instead of when the compliance accreditation is now due.

  • We take care of everything.

Sieverts does everything from laser to x-ray machines and to room compliance. We work with you to comply with local state regulations so that you can focus on your business and your patients. We all know the hassle you need to go through to manage multiple parties just to achieve accreditation.  Along with the uncertainty if all parties have actually covered gaps which may not be in their immediate areas of responsibility. That is why we have acquired the right expertise to cater to most if not all compliance issues related to radiation safety, so that you don’t need to worry on whether you have missed out on anything.

Further to that:
  • We will let you know when your equipment is due for certification.
  • We will work with your practice manager to set a convenient time when we can come in to certify the equipment with minimal impact to your business operations.
  • We will inspect, measure and assess your equipment.
  • We will then bring all our computations and observation back to our head office and go through the certification process based on local state requirements at that time and inform you of the outcome of that accordingly.

All this done with minimal coordination from you and with minimal disruption to your operations.

How’s that for peace of mind?

Contact us anytime.

Interested in what needs to be done to ensure you meet all radiation legislative requirements in each Australian State? Check our website and click on the links below to download PDF format checklist for dental, laser, imaging, radiology, vet etc.

Click to download.


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